Why I decided to start my own blog

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Here I am, writing my first blog post ever. The truth is, it has been a long time that I was thinking about launching my own blog. Revealing my world and my personality with you. However, time was flying and the moment wasn’t coming. Maybe I was not ready or not confident enough?

Beside the envy, I always had a real passion for fashion and beauty. As long as I remember, when I was a little girl I was stalling my mom high heels and also tried her make up (with a lot of trouble and damage believe me). I assume I wasn’t the only one acting this way? However, I have never stopped developing my love for fashion and beauty.

For a few months, I literally bathed in the fashion & influencers universe. Thanks to my internship at Diesel in the beautiful city of Zürich. And since then, I can’t stop thinking about blogging. And this feeling, this question that came up again and again: Why not me?

Well, now I feel ready and most of all I crave to let out my creativity through writing and show my personality to the world.

I hope I’ll be able to bring you something more and help you get through life with ease and fun! So do not hesitate to tell me which subject or issue you want me to write about.

I am just going to finish with a quote that resumes perfectly my mood when I decided to get started:

you have to start somewhere to make it anywhere.

Love, Sar

portrait shooting diesel outfit

women shooting diesel outfit

women shooting diesel outfit

diesel outfit


shoes vagabon


Denim Jacket: Diesel (or budget option)

Jumpsuit: Diesel (or budget option)

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Vagabond

Bag: Zara

Black Fishnet Thights: Metro Boutique

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