Why I decided to start my own blog

Here I am, writing my first blog post ever. The truth is, it has been a long time that I was thinking about launching my own blog. Revealing my world and my personality with you. However, time was flying and the moment wasn’t coming. Maybe I was not ready or not confident enough?

Beside the envy, I always had a real passion for fashion and beauty. As long as I remember, when I was a little girl I was stalling my mom high heels and also tried her make up (with a lot of trouble and damage believe me). I assume almost every little girl act this way? However, I have never stopped developing my love for fashion and beauty.

And since a few months now, I literally bathe in the fashion & influencers universe. Thank to my internship at Diesel in the beautiful city of Zürich. And since then, I can’t stop thinking about blogging. And this feeling, this question that came up again and again: Why not me ?

Well, now I feel ready and most of all I crave to let out my creativity through writing and show my personality to the world.

I hope I’ll be able to bring you something more and help you get through life with ease and fun ! So do not hesitate to tell me which subject or issue you want me to write about.

I am just going to finish with a quote that resume perfectly my mood when I decided to get started:

you have to start somewhere to make it anywhere.

Love, Sar



Denim Jacket: Diesel (or budget option)

Jumpsuit: Diesel (or budget option)

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Vagabond

Bag: Zara

Black Fishnet Thights: Metro Boutique


Hi everyone ! I’ll be in Berlin from the 14th to the 18th of April. It will be the occasion to do a blog

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